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The gems on the otherside

I haven’t written a blog post in a while. This self-confessed empath has found navigating this year quite a task to say the least. I think I can confidently say that collectively, we have been dealt our fair share of uncertainty this year. Over...

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Life doesn’t happen to us, it happens for us

A few weeks ago I shared a post about selling out my last watercolour workshops for the year, a whole six weeks before the event. I was surprised and excited, but it took a damn good reiki session to uncover a few ugly and...

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My grateful heart

I’m currently sitting in the laundromat waiting for my doona to dry. 17 minutes left to go, and I have the urge to pour out my grateful heart into words. So here goes… I’m grateful for the cold mornings and feeling the first warm...

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The art of connection

Earlier this year I made a flippant decision to run some watercolour workshops. That in itself is strange as I’m a seasoned over-thinker. I have the ability to be incredibly excited at the prospect of an idea, and convince myself that it’s all too...

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Ebb and flow

Expending energy is what I have been doing lately. And I don’t have a lot of it. Well actually that’s probably not entirely true. I have the same amount as I’ve always had, but during the course of my days – now – I...

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