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The gems on the otherside

I haven’t written a blog post in a while. This self-confessed empath has found navigating this year quite a task to say the least. I think I can confidently say that collectively, we have been dealt our fair share of uncertainty this year.

Over the past three months I have felt a ridiculous amount of untamed emotion flowing in and around me. The fires that ravaged our country earlier this year saddened me on a cellular level. The notion of losing 1 billion animals from the Earth’s surface alone was enough send me into an emotional funk, let alone the 17 million acres of land that perished. And of course the people, displaced and left with nothing. I can’t even comprehend.

Call in COVID-19. I don’t want to go too much into this because it’s all over our news feeds. But again, I can confidently say that collectively, we have been dealt our fair share of fear.

So the reason that I feel called to pen my thoughts is this: in all of my most uncomfortable, fearful, uncertain experiences throughout my life, there was a gem to be found the other side in the more comfortable, happier, more certain times. Resilience, gratitude and compassion – for me these virtues were mastered during tough times.

I do not – in any way – want to play down the fact that people are dying right now. It’s a super-serious issue that we are faced with. But can we for one moment take three deep breaths and look at the unfolding uncertainty that is 2020 in the following light.

We are being forced to slow down, to be still, silent and present. We are being given a chance to appreciate and nurture ourselves and our families. We can reconnect with ourselves and our loved ones in ways that we haven’t done before. We can show kindness to all and help each other rather than fight against one another. We can make the decision to spread love and kindness before reacting with fear, because fear is just that – a reaction. And whilst we are reconnecting, our Mother Earth is beginning to expand her lungs. She too is being given space to regenerate and recalibrate.

So friends, I urge you to go inward during these uncertain times and ponder what this experience will teach us. What could be the gem of wisdom waiting for us on the other side? What systems and structures will break to make way for the new? Let’s accept this invitation to create change internally and externally.