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Ebb and flow

Expending energy is what I have been doing lately.

And I don’t have a lot of it. Well actually that’s probably not entirely true. I have the same amount as I’ve always had, but during the course of my days – now – I am chasing a 19-and-a-half-month-old child around and am wearing a few more hats than I have previously.

Firstly, I need to clarify what I deem to be ‘work’ and ‘hobby’. Both are creative, so it can get confusing.

Work is my business, where I am a graphic designer. I have been doing this for about 15 years now, five of which I have worked for myself. The first few months of a new year are generally quieter, so this year I decided that I would take advantage of these calmer days to focus on my hobby.

Hobby is painting. It’s the soul-driven part of me that sits in a meditation-like state when I have a brush in my hand. The constant chatter of my overthought mind quietens and I only think about one thing – a rarity I can assure you. Unfortunately it’s also the thing that I don’t make time for.

At the start of this year I won a membership to a year-long course for makers, to help them to start seeing their hobbies as a genuine income stream. Winning this membership was a kick up the backside for me – to really start taking myself seriously. I know that I have a skill – I’ve done the market stall thing over and over, and I’m reasonably confident in my ability. So taking all that into consideration, every week this year I have set aside time to create new work and market said work, all with the hope to drive some sales of my artwork. To a degree it’s been working, but progress is slow, and at times disheartening when I analyse reward for effort.

In January of this year, a rather flippant moment saw me reach out to my Instagram followers via a story. “Would you be interested in a watercolour workshop?” I asked. It was a resounding yes! Without a lot of thought, I had secured a venue. Within a couple of days I had set up an entire workshop, priced and created my tickets, and within one week I had a workshop that was SOLD OUT.

Within days of selling out, I received many disappointed responses from people who missed out on tickets. So again, I made a quick decision to create a second workshop on the same day. That one sold out in two days. Blown away was an understatement.

Being only a couple weeks out from my first workshop, I have found myself reflecting on how some things in our life come to us with ease, and other things seem to be a harder to obtain. I do believe there’s an ebb and flow to life – not everything is meant to be smooth sailing – but I also believe that we are universal beings that surely get pushed in the direction of which we best serve humanity.

And for me right now, that ‘flow-state’ is in delivering the beautiful medium of watercolour to people who are willing to open their minds to something new and hopefully feel the peace that I feel with that brush in my hand.

Thanks for stopping by.

Julia x