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Organisation is the key

This lunar new year has got me like… super organised! Well actually, since this year kicked off I have worked with intention, and no decision I have made has been for the sake of it. And no, this is no new year’s resolution, as I personally feel that’s a sure-fire way to fail (good on you if you can stick to them). It’s just been a change in mindset that is helping me get through my days, allocating time to the things that matter to me most.

I don’t always want to bang-on about how things have changed now that I have a child. I am very grateful for that little whirlwind that keeps me on my toes every waking moment (all though he’s contributed to the many grey hairs that I am now trying to make peace with). BUT, life is different. It sounds selfish, but life is not all about me now. And it’s not until you have children that you truly realise how selfless the human condition can be. Generally we (the parents) prioritise the wee folk to ensure that their needs are being met. And when this happens over a period of time, parts of our lives can become chronically disorganised.

SO, this is what has helped me so far this year – incase you are interested in organising your own life.


Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries! No more unrealistic timeframes that put me under mega-stress. It turns out that said unrealistic timeframes come via the same sources, and only as a result of you always meeting the unrealistic timeframes! So no more of that.

Last year I was working each day, but with no set hours as such. So I created a monster in that I was available to everyone, most of the time, and felt that I had to keep this up. I am sure my customers didn’t expect this, but it was an expectation that I put on myself. The fix: This year I have set days and hours and let me tell you, it’s a relief!

I also set myself three tasks that I must achieve in a day by way of sticky notes on my iMac, and when they’re done I rip them off. Oh, the satisfaction!


This year I am having a real crack at creating a steady income stream selling my artwork. If I’m totally honest with you, there’s few times in my life that I’ve really had to try hard to achieve. By no means am I a gifted human being – perhaps on the contrary I didn’t set the bar high enough. But for where I am in my life now, things have generally fallen into place in their own time.

Enter side-hustle. It’s taking time and energy, but I’m sticking at it. I am using a planner by the Makers Business Toolkit that helps me to plan and action my goals by breaking them down into smaller, manageable tasks. Every day I have three tasks to achieve, and the idea here is to not make them so big that I cannot achieve them. The smallest task, like emailing a potential stockist, is a step forward. And as long as I’m moving forward, I am getting closer to the goal. I have also started using Planoly to help with my social media posts.


This is definitely an area that I find the hardest to keep organised! I’ve started basic meal planning just so that I know what is for dinner that night, which prompts me to make sure that I have all the ingredients I need. No more going to the supermarket at the last minute to grab something for tea. It’s a good feeling to know that dinner is sorted. I cook up a heap of veggies for Jack to eat over the coming days too.

I also make sure that, on the evenings prior to a ‘work day’, I have Jack’s bag packed and in the car, ready for the drop-off to the grandparents’ house. If I’m really organised I will have his clothes ready too.


I won’t lie, exercise gets put on the back-burner. I have however been doing much better and making time for a walk a few times a week. This generally happens after the whirlwind is in bed, or early in the morning if I haven’t been up multiple times during the night. I’m right into podcasts at the moment too – a few of my current faves are here, here & here.


Why is it that respect for our energy comes with age? Is it because, generally with age, we have less of it (energy)? This probably isn’t organisation as such, but devoting time to the things that align with my values and make me happy ensures that my energy is never totally depleted, which allows me to keep focus on being organised.


I have a long way to go before I’ll feel like I am winning in every facet of my life, but the above things all help me to stay on-task most days. And for the days that aren’t so organised – well that’s OK too – I won’t beat myself up.

Thanks for stopping by.

Julia x